DASA: Servicio Integral de Aduana

We work closely with our customers for continuous improvements, so we can build long-term business relationships.

Our company is made up by the best team of professionals of each region. The customers, that have travelled more than 25 yeas of solid experince with us, garantee the quality of our services.

From the very beginning, we provide your company advisory and support in every step of the way for  export and import opertations, taking on every detail. In this way, decisions are made with the certainty and conviction that the operation will be a success.

Our professionals` work is supported by the latest technology as for equipment and connectivity which provides a value-added benefit. In addition to this, our offices are strategically located throughout Argentina. This allows us to work without geographical boundaries and to meet every customer`s needs immediately.

Due to our vast experience, we have built trustworthy and quality relationships since we take care of all the details of the operation, which allows our customers to focus on their big ideas.

• Inspection of goods for their precise Tariff Classification.
• Imports and Exports (temporary, permanent; air, sea and land traffic; free trade zone, samples).
• Implementation, start-up, special regimes tracking (In-house Customs, Reliable Operators Customs System, Bonded Warehouse, etc.).
• Air, see and land traffic.
• Registration and proceedures to third parties.
• Monitoring and tracking of deadlines and payment of duties.
• Monitoring and tracking of temporal imports, extension processing, substract of balance and nationalization.
• Tracking of repayment.
• Draw Back.
• Operational Management in all customs, ports and airports.
• Revsion of commercial documents and declaration making.
• Documents shipping overseas and reception.
• Documentary collections and letter of credit operations.
• Audits, research, consultancy and special works start-up.
• Online system to track your customs operations.
• IT department is aimed at interface development, including customer`s software to update customs information.

Import and Export Monthly Operations


All job positions achive the security standars required for the transmission of data, not only in headquarters but also in branch offices.

We own servers that operate 24 hours a day. They have a double backup with “mirror servers”. In this way, there is always a service continuity. Therefore, no posibility of lack of information exists.

The “online service”, our customers have access to, offers precise and detailed information about your foreing trade operations. This is published while registration occurs under interface approval by Maria System. Besides, the customer can recieve notification of the different customs processes events via e-mail and consult the operational documents of the moment or the records, in our virtual archive.

MARIA Positions
Own Offices

Market is increasingly complex and changeable. In this context, your company requires services featuring experience, support and quick responses.


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